Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Vacation Week

Just wanted to let you know, things went well. I got a written apology. Happy, not bitter and vengeful. Just happy.

This week will be a little vacation for me. When I was finishing the book about Eleanor Roosevelt it mentioned that she couldn't stop. I'm just now being able to avoid lists and due dates that I create arbitrarily. It's nice to just have fun and enjoy downtime. I'm glad I am able to.

I'll see you in a week. Don't really know what I'll be up to, but perhaps my sewing machine might want some use. Take care!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

United Nations Day

Today is United Nations Day. We have about two hours left of it in my time zone.

All I can think of is Ms. Eleanor Roosevelt. An amazing woman whose name might fall on one of my girls. Right now she seems kind of like a super heroine to me, cuz she wrote a column entitled 'My Day' every day. My God, I'm proud of myself when I can get this up twice a week! I'm sorry, lemme get back to Ms. Eleanor. She was appointed one of the first five American delegates for the United Nations General Assembly by President Harry Truman. Through Eleanor's leadership the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was ratified by the United Nations, and at that time she received a standing ovation from the delegates.

This blog is about beauty. Yes, mostly modeling but beauty as a whole. There will be posts on Keep Austin Beautiful in the future. I admire Eleanor for all the inner beauty and grit she possessed. She still amazes me. Perhaps I can get this blog up three times a week.

Happy United Nations Day! Now get some sleep!

Friday, October 23, 2009


Listen, please. I try to spare you of details of my love life and my own personal turmoil. Everyone has pain, why should I get special attention for mine? However, what happened to me could happen to any art model, and if I don't say anything I will be doing a disservice to the next art model. Perhaps, there could be change. That would make me feel better.

Wednesday: I modeled as usual in the morning. As an art model I change in the public restroom. There's no glory in it, but it's practical. It works. I am completely concealed as I change. The instructor that morning specifically asked that I not change in the bathroom for I walk down the hall in my robe. For me, it's a bit silly but for her modesty I adhered to it. I changed in the back. The only problem is that students get and put away their easels in the back. At the end of the class I politely asked the class to hold off on putting away their easels til I got dressed.

What I didn't know that that was prime time for cackling. The teacher came to the back while I was putting on my thong and laughed. Laughed. I can't believe it. NO one in their right mind does that. The students were more respectful than her. I'm shivering in anger that anyone would have to deal with the violation I felt. I got dressed and left. The class was over and I had worked the time...

There. That didn't tell you the name of the person, only their gender. Nor did it tell the institution. If something doesn't get done about this, my God, "Hell hath no fury," comes to mind. I'm waiting on a phone call that I should receive on Monday. Please support me.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Coco Avant Chanel

I'm kinda sick of shoes, they remind me of a horrible man who had a fetish with them. Sorry. They just do. ... But for those who don't have bad memories with a certain man: geta, klompen and babouches - zori! Have fun, y'all.

I'm moody today, the main reason I'll tell you tomorrow, but I saw Coco Avant Chanel this rainy afternoon. I love Coco. She didn't have an ounce of charm in her, and she made it. I love that. Sometimes I wish I didn't play geisha or most honorable guest. Dammit - I'm sweet! Mama made me that way and ... I don't know how not to be. I'm pretty too, so that means ... I got it made?

What's more important than my innate gifts are courage and grit. What use is a pretty doll if she is to be tossed out for a new model? Who is to enjoy beauty if it is to be destroyed (read: raped) and the law proceeds to blame her beauty for the crime? I wore hooker boots out tonight and enjoyed them. After the movie I enjoyed them more. Coco Chanel was brave, why shan't I be? Watch it. It's at Regal Cinema 8 at Great Hills in Austin. Below is the trailer.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Animal Feet 2.0

I realize it sounds weird to think that people would try to imitate animals through footwear or clothing, but let me give some more examples.

Fur coats: Less trendy now that most people have a conscious and heating systems. But remember late nineties when fake fur was all the rage?

Feathers: Some like feather boas, some like feather hair clips. I myself own a very beautiful feather hair-clip. Think about angels. Would they be as beautiful and ethereal without feather wings?

Mermaids: Very hard to imitate on dry ground, but they've been sexy from Homer til today. They'll be in fairy tales for countless generations to come.

Skin-tight leather? Eh? I rest my case for today, but I'll leave you with a picture I wish I had a few days ago.

Post why you think humans mimic animals through clothing. I have no idea why. Oh, by the way, in three out of the four examples wearing the said item made the wearer sexier. Eek! I'm kinda scared to find out the answer now.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Golden Lotus Feet

I am just as culpable. The pain that women put themselves through to achieve the beauty of the Golden Lotus feet, I myself would probably do too. Chinese bound feet immobilized women. I believe I do the same thing to myself when I wear my 6" hooker boots. There have been times at parties where I sit on the kitchen counter because my feet hurt so much. Do you think I could take a stroll in the park in those shoes? Eh? So I am just as culpable. Thankfully, the affect for me is not permanent as it was for Chinese women who broke their feet in the beauty process.

I am so glad flats are in style. Late feminists would smile if they could see that. We are not exchanging beauty for health. Ie. High heels for Birkenstocks. It's good to see feminists revel in beauty, but also understand women's obsession with it.

Last week I heard news that I was picked for a music video. Eeek! I am so happy, but with this I will now be obsessed with beauty and knowledge. I don't want to see what happens if I lose the latter. My goal is to be like Inara from Firefly. If I can achieve that, my life is complete.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Animal Feet

Hi. I learned something new today. The cow-toed looking shoes are called 'tabi.' I love the flats and even the heels, yet I know not of how painful the heels would be. I'm not so interested in the boots however practical they were/are to ninjas. They look dorky to me.

Why do I love painful shoes? To be honest, it's more of a longing than a requited love. The most painful shoes I own are my beautiful 6" black hooker boots. I want the line of shoes in John Galliano's spring 2009 fashion show. Why? They're odd...and strangely cute. I think that's the aspiration of every designer: create products that are new, different, and cute.

Let's focus on the why I adore these kind of shoes, though. The tabi shoes out in stores now, albeit limited, differ from ones worn in Japanese courts. They're made for an international audience. I found out about these kind of shoes through a Bjork photoshoot, and wanted them because they strangely make human feet look like an animals. Why do hooker boots garner so many compliments? My theory is they make my foot look like a horse's hoof - especially with leg warmers or long trousers. So yes, you have my confession of why I like tabi shoes. Try to figure out why you love or hate a certain style yourself. It really gets you thinking.

I leave you with hulder maidens, beautiful women with cow tails. I learned about them in D'Aulaires folktales. According to another scholar, the hulder maidens are "the best wife a man can have" (Bok).

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Feet are Neat

There once was a horrible man who was so determined to have pictures of my ass...I sent him pictures of my feet. :laugh: So shall we begin a series on feet, because we are a little bit proper on Words of Doves. It'll be a long time before I talk about my rear end to you. And I think you'll be happier that way, too.

I'm doing a series because I've never been able to stick to a schedule of Inspiration Thursday and such. It's hard enough to call my father and ma on Sunday. It usually happens on Tuesday most weeks. The next several posts will be about feet. I will start by giving you a picture of a certain girl who I think is wondrous. Wang Fang from Chongqing, China refuses to be labeled 'disabled' because of her backwards feet. I love that. She figured out a way to manage and she lives her life. Fang is about my age and she gives me hope. For all that are disabled I'm glad the President is working on making health care affordable for everyone. That gives me hope too - that all of us can manage and not give up on our lives.