Saturday, October 24, 2009

United Nations Day

Today is United Nations Day. We have about two hours left of it in my time zone.

All I can think of is Ms. Eleanor Roosevelt. An amazing woman whose name might fall on one of my girls. Right now she seems kind of like a super heroine to me, cuz she wrote a column entitled 'My Day' every day. My God, I'm proud of myself when I can get this up twice a week! I'm sorry, lemme get back to Ms. Eleanor. She was appointed one of the first five American delegates for the United Nations General Assembly by President Harry Truman. Through Eleanor's leadership the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was ratified by the United Nations, and at that time she received a standing ovation from the delegates.

This blog is about beauty. Yes, mostly modeling but beauty as a whole. There will be posts on Keep Austin Beautiful in the future. I admire Eleanor for all the inner beauty and grit she possessed. She still amazes me. Perhaps I can get this blog up three times a week.

Happy United Nations Day! Now get some sleep!

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