Saturday, December 27, 2008

white 2.0

Mama's got some new shoes!

I was lucky this Christmas, and am getting a new computer! Got some new shoes too. Haven't done that in awhile. My mother and my family have been sweet to me and contributed to the purchase of a new Mac. White. Pretty. Less viruses. By the way, this computer crashed mid-sentence, so I'm looking forward to my new gadget.

Seems like all my technology is absent of color. I like it that way. Reminds me of a scene from the Matrix or Japanese bank tellers with their white gloves. Anyway, I like my new gizmos. Thanks, Mama.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

if wishes were horses...

Wishes galore. This mornin' Daddy, sister, nephew, my boyfriend and I had an early Christmas. It was wonderful to see so much laughter in my family. All of us picking on Jake, cuz it's fun.

Wishes were fulfilled, but there are always those wishes, hopes for the little universe we live in. I hope there will be more voluptuous models gracing our magazines, and if not, strong ones instead. Girls that look like they can take you out, and would love to with a smile. Think Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider.

My Christmas wish is for women to love their bodies for what they are. My hips are as big as Ms. Marilyn's and I love them. I ain't starvin and won't do so as a model.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Give thanks to those who protest.

I told you in the last post that I was deathly ill. Nah, just a fever and a cold. Anyway, I've had bundles of time to read. Right now it's Women's History that I'm reading about. I'm so thankful for the women and men who advocated rights I sometimes take for granted.

In Paris, models are protesting a ban on what is called a 'cornet.' Basically, the French government is making their tips illegal. In that spirit I want to thank all who protest for their rights. I personally am thankful for the Austin art models who brought our wages up to $15/hour. Thank you.

Please read these news articles of models in Paris and earlier in Italy fighting for their rights and recognition. We deserve it. Speaking of which, if anyone else has problems with getting paid by Austin Community College, please email me. Alone I just sound annoying, but together we could make a difference.

Monday, December 15, 2008


I know it's an old song, but I have 'Fever' sung by Madonna stuck in my head. I'm sick as a dog and am impressed that I can even sit down and write this. Hopefully, y'all won't get any viruses. :laugh:

I love how she can transform herself so easily. Almost every video and certainly every show she performs is a production. Themes and costumes galore. At the Windberg Art Center up in Georgetown, TX I model with costumes weekly. Thankfully, I have all winter break to make/buy some new ones. Usually, I go to thriftstores like St. Vincent de Paul on South Congress and sometimes I splurge at Marigold and Parts and Labour to get something new. One week I bought a feather clip at P & L for a flapper outfit. Anyway, I'm definitely not doing anything today. Works done. Take care.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I love modeling this pose. It conveys so much expression. I've always been enchanted with winter, whether it is portrayed by a muse or not. I was sincerely hoping that Austin would get a...half an inch maybe, but I should realize I'm in Texas.

Actually, I'm in Arizona on winter break. Just arrived this afternoon. Universities are out and I will return to work in the fabric store when I get back in town. It's kinda sad, though. I hear the light from the North is especially beautiful in the winter, and I already miss modeling.

For those fortunate to find work in the holiday season, make sure your host has a space heater. If not raise bloody hell to make the room warmer, or politely remind him/her that their utility bill will be lower if they just heat you instead of all the artists. Your choice. Here's a tip from Ideal Bite, a wonderful environmental resource.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the cold as much as I do. It's perfect for sewing and reading a good book...or blog. Cheers.

Monday, December 8, 2008


I usually don't need caffeine. Wake up in the mornin' to music or my boyfriend kissing me goodbye. Right now I especially don't need any. Wired.

It started last night. I was doubtful if there were ANY art model blogs. Any community of art models besides ... well artists capturing the essence of art models. Finally I found you. Ladies and men whose sole trade is art modeling. We're here...and better yet...connected. Wired.

Rebecca Lawrence above of Model in Motion.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

back to work

Networking is the essence of getting art modeling gigs. Usually one acquires gigs at the session they're working. At least that is true for me. So I carry at least a few business cards and a planner. You're better off setting a date that moment instead of waiting for a call. Because I carry a 2009 planner I have six gigs already for the upcoming year.

As far as business cards, this might be innate knowledge for y'all, but never put your physical address on your card. Name, phone number, and email are all that is needed. If you have a website all the better, put that too. People really do check them out. Anyway, best of luck!