Monday, March 30, 2009

Hasta of the Week: Hamsasya

I haven't spoken of this to many, just my boyfriend and my father.  Thought this might be a way to make it be known without intense emotion.  Once my lease is up I am moving in with my father in Dallas and going to art school.

So tonight I'm practicing.  I'll be at one of the open studio sessions and drawing.  Hopefully the lessons I've overheard these past eight years will sink in.  NO OUTLINES!  A contour drawing may only be done after a diagram drawing. :smile:  I am grateful for all the teachers and artists that I have gotten to know.  I will miss you.  Hopefully I will be back in four years.

This hasta is Hamsasya.  It connotes teaching, determination as well as painting.  Perfect for today except that I will stick to the basics before I paint.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


I've been reading the biography of Tori Amos.  It's rather a story of her sources of inspiration.  Part cedar chest full of beauty intwined into songs, part history of hers and those before her.  She reveals her Source as she discusses her compositions piece by piece.

I love intelligent women.  Reading about her makes me want to read more.  I do - I stopped reading one book to read this.  But, her book gives me a sense of wonder that I hope to never lose.  Someday I will get to Joseph Campbell, Barbara Walker, and Jungian theory, books waiting for me in my bookcase, and I hope I will still ponder when I shut them.

I wish for you a life full of wonder, for the world is a large place with many worlds intertwined.  

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Theresa Bayer

This morning has been fun. Almost wanted to sleep in because of the weather, but I'm happy that I didn't. I modeled for Eve Larson and Theresa Bayer. They are the sweetest and very talented artists. Today I will tell you a wee bit about Theresa and in another post Eve.

Theresa Bayer's creativity always sparks mine. A better way to put it is that she inspires me. If I were an artist I'd be just as whimsical and joyful in my work. As of now, I am simply an art model lucky enough to pose for her. Here's a painting I bartered for last year. Instead of traditional portrait she adds something playful, that makes it more interesting and fun.

Tomorrow I am modeling for her in exchange for my father's birthday present. Theresa created an ocarina, or clay flute with a girl sitting upon it. Good thing he doesn't read blogs, so my surprise is safe!

Here's another for you to enjoy. Other wonders are on her blog and website.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Hasta of the Week: Musti

Hold on.  Hold on tight.  

This hasta means "Steadfastness, grasping one's hair, holding things." It can also signify wrestlers fighting (Kanakasabha).  For me this week it means holding on to this relationship and understanding it better.  

This is my way of learning these hastas.  There are two kinds: one handed and gestures with two hands, asamyuta hasta and samyuta hasta respectively.  I'm going to start slowly with one-handed gestures.  Namaste

Friday, March 20, 2009

A New Year

I celebrate Winter.  I love it.  Snowflakes and icicles, skating rinks and scarves.  This past Tuesday for a modeling gig, I dressed up as the Snow Queen departing for her season was almost over.  And today, it is.

Today is the first day of Spring.  It's almost sad for me, but there are Alphonse Mucha's seasons that are so beautiful.  So it's not that bad.  I loved how today our President celebrated the new year of Iran in his own diplomatic way.  

Today is Nowruz, an ancient, traditional Persian holiday that is tied to the government.  It is a day of pardoning prisoners, allowing the public to have an audience, and monetary gifts.  Being the new year as well, one celebrates the turning of a new leaf.  For me, I will study yoga more so that my body becomes stronger.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

There's a How-To for Everything!

You want to know a secret?  :laugh: I have a how-to guide for telepathy.  I haven't gotten around to reading it all, but it was a fun birthday gift.  What I do find a little bit more quirky is that there is a webpage devoted to the steps in becoming an art model. It's on  

I've gotten the question many a time, "How did you become an art model?"  With me it was just a flyer in the Dance Department corkboard.  I walked over to the Art Department and asked...and voila!  I have a job.  That's the how-to part.  Inspiration is an entirely different post.  Catch y'all later.


Monday, March 9, 2009

The Little Mermaid

I'm losing my voice.  It's slowly getting quieter and quieter.  It seems to most that I am soft-spoken lady, but I know that I am in pain.

Today I did this pose, and I couldn't help thinking of mermaids.  I love fairy tales.  In my youth I was lucky enough to visit Hans Christian Anderson's home in Denmark.  I loved their coins at the time (they were shaped like donuts).  But anyway,  I feel like I've lost my voice in a reverse "Little Mermaid" story.  She loses her voice to catch the boy; I lose my voice when he leaves.  

I love stories about sirens.  Perhaps I'll quietly read about them and get better.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

gestures for my hands

I've noticed that I can hold my hands in delicate positions, but they are usually random and at best like a ballet dancer.  I think I am going to learn hasta kosha, Sub-Continent Indian hand gestures.  Should be fun.  I'm learning from a website called Kanakasabha.  There is so much to learn!  Certain positions of the leg or hands can signify different meanings.  Even temple sculpture utilizes folk dance positions into their art.  I love the interweaving of arts in India's timeless tradition. 

Paloma Art Models Guild

Good morning!  Yes, it's a late morning but it's beautiful. 

Yesterday, I posted these flyers in some art communities.  It's a beginning.  I've been wanting to make an art models guild that will stand up for models' basic rights for awhile...but I can't do it alone.  So here is a start that will hopefully blossom into a steadfast guild.  Please contact me if you are interested and in the Austin area.  Oh, and by the way, paloma means dove.

Have a  good morning.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

out of focus

I've been out of focus.  One day I am going to sew for the rest of my life, the next that option is closed to me.  Yes, I realize that I am without this opportunity only for awhile, but I need to focus on now.  What will get me through this tough time.  What can I do?  Model.

I modeled this morning, and my vision was like this picture.  I could see my knee and that was about it.  I never realized how important vision is, in the literal and figurative sense.  You're wondering why it was like this? I had glasses on and had to take them off.  That's what this period of my life has been like: seeing clearly followed with impaired vision.