Sunday, October 11, 2009

Golden Lotus Feet

I am just as culpable. The pain that women put themselves through to achieve the beauty of the Golden Lotus feet, I myself would probably do too. Chinese bound feet immobilized women. I believe I do the same thing to myself when I wear my 6" hooker boots. There have been times at parties where I sit on the kitchen counter because my feet hurt so much. Do you think I could take a stroll in the park in those shoes? Eh? So I am just as culpable. Thankfully, the affect for me is not permanent as it was for Chinese women who broke their feet in the beauty process.

I am so glad flats are in style. Late feminists would smile if they could see that. We are not exchanging beauty for health. Ie. High heels for Birkenstocks. It's good to see feminists revel in beauty, but also understand women's obsession with it.

Last week I heard news that I was picked for a music video. Eeek! I am so happy, but with this I will now be obsessed with beauty and knowledge. I don't want to see what happens if I lose the latter. My goal is to be like Inara from Firefly. If I can achieve that, my life is complete.

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