Tuesday, December 22, 2009

one year

I have this thing about seasons. I love seeing them change. I know living in Austin it is rare, but buying a new calendar or observing the first day of a season delights me. Makes me happy.

Yesterday marked the first day of winter. It's been a little over a year since I started this blog, and it's still kinda fun! So as tradition prevails I present you a new year of seasons. Japanese woodblock prints. Hope you enjoy their beauty.

At Christmas you tell the truth.

Thank you. This goes out to all the artists whether they are struggling or not, thank you. It's Christmas, and at Christmas you tell the truth: life wouldn't be worth living without song, beautiful pictures, and handmade dresses and afghans. This is my life I'm talking about. I read on Jennifer Balkan's mirror a quote, "Art is like sex; an individual can survive without it, but a civilization cannot." So I am thankful for you all, just as you are kind and full of gratitude for people who sit around all day. :smile:

I don't know how to say it - it's your life. Just know that sometimes your art can get a girl through a hellish workday. Just a few minutes looking at a beautiful print can bring her soul back to her. Please don't put your art away...on a shelf, next year when I have time, when the kids are grown. Make time. You can do it. You can balance the mundane with the inspirational. I believe in you.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

"The clock was ticking."

Tick tock. The clock inspires so much. Steampunk, Madonna's 4 minutes, and it's the main theme of Lara Croft Tomb Raider. In it there's a scene where she wakes up in the middle of the night to the ticking of a clock. My, she takes out a wall to find the clock. :laugh: I was inspired by that scene one night. No walls were bludgeoned, but I snipped off the second hand of a clock with some wire cutters...then went back to sleep.

Nowadays I am that clock. I keep time for short gesture poses, and if a longer pose gets hard I count the last few minutes for a sense of peace. It's odd to try to mimic the ticking in my head, but it's a little goal of mine. Be as accurate as a clock. We models have weird goals, but I should speak for myself. Just know that I can work peacefully with a ticking clock, no sledgehammers will come out.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dharma Yoga

Hi there! I am happy to announce that Dharma Yoga has extended a 50% discount to all guild members. If you haven't signed up this is more reason to! Go to the Paloma Guild website, fill out the form and mail it to the address under contact. Once you are a member you will receive a fancy laminated card that will be your discount pass, as well as your free business cards.

Dharma Yoga is located on 31st and Guadalupe, close to most modeling gigs in Austin. Their yoga is essentially a blend of its name. The spiritual aspect of the practice is Tibetan in nature, and their yoga derives from Jivamukti, Sivananda, and Anusara traditions. Visit them online or visit their studio. Hope to see you there!

"Dharma Yoga's instructors must be the best in Austin. Long after the class concludes you'll feel the work of your practice in your muscles and in your spirit."
--Susan Briante, poet and UT English professor