Friday, October 23, 2009


Listen, please. I try to spare you of details of my love life and my own personal turmoil. Everyone has pain, why should I get special attention for mine? However, what happened to me could happen to any art model, and if I don't say anything I will be doing a disservice to the next art model. Perhaps, there could be change. That would make me feel better.

Wednesday: I modeled as usual in the morning. As an art model I change in the public restroom. There's no glory in it, but it's practical. It works. I am completely concealed as I change. The instructor that morning specifically asked that I not change in the bathroom for I walk down the hall in my robe. For me, it's a bit silly but for her modesty I adhered to it. I changed in the back. The only problem is that students get and put away their easels in the back. At the end of the class I politely asked the class to hold off on putting away their easels til I got dressed.

What I didn't know that that was prime time for cackling. The teacher came to the back while I was putting on my thong and laughed. Laughed. I can't believe it. NO one in their right mind does that. The students were more respectful than her. I'm shivering in anger that anyone would have to deal with the violation I felt. I got dressed and left. The class was over and I had worked the time...

There. That didn't tell you the name of the person, only their gender. Nor did it tell the institution. If something doesn't get done about this, my God, "Hell hath no fury," comes to mind. I'm waiting on a phone call that I should receive on Monday. Please support me.


Laura Grimes said...

That was absolutely so out of line, it is ridiculous. An immature 18-year old student, you know that's going to happen once in a while (doesn't make it right). But a professor?!!!!?!!!? Outrageous, unprofessional, and just plain idiotic.

Waverly said...

Thank you. She even said I was sensitive for thinking that was out of line. I will do my best to avoid modeling sessions with her.

Laura Grimes said...

Good grief. You should let the other models know. Saying that you were "sensitive" is not an apology.

Alas, artists aren't always great people.