Saturday, October 3, 2009

Feet are Neat

There once was a horrible man who was so determined to have pictures of my ass...I sent him pictures of my feet. :laugh: So shall we begin a series on feet, because we are a little bit proper on Words of Doves. It'll be a long time before I talk about my rear end to you. And I think you'll be happier that way, too.

I'm doing a series because I've never been able to stick to a schedule of Inspiration Thursday and such. It's hard enough to call my father and ma on Sunday. It usually happens on Tuesday most weeks. The next several posts will be about feet. I will start by giving you a picture of a certain girl who I think is wondrous. Wang Fang from Chongqing, China refuses to be labeled 'disabled' because of her backwards feet. I love that. She figured out a way to manage and she lives her life. Fang is about my age and she gives me hope. For all that are disabled I'm glad the President is working on making health care affordable for everyone. That gives me hope too - that all of us can manage and not give up on our lives.

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