Thursday, October 15, 2009

Animal Feet 2.0

I realize it sounds weird to think that people would try to imitate animals through footwear or clothing, but let me give some more examples.

Fur coats: Less trendy now that most people have a conscious and heating systems. But remember late nineties when fake fur was all the rage?

Feathers: Some like feather boas, some like feather hair clips. I myself own a very beautiful feather hair-clip. Think about angels. Would they be as beautiful and ethereal without feather wings?

Mermaids: Very hard to imitate on dry ground, but they've been sexy from Homer til today. They'll be in fairy tales for countless generations to come.

Skin-tight leather? Eh? I rest my case for today, but I'll leave you with a picture I wish I had a few days ago.

Post why you think humans mimic animals through clothing. I have no idea why. Oh, by the way, in three out of the four examples wearing the said item made the wearer sexier. Eek! I'm kinda scared to find out the answer now.

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