Friday, January 8, 2010


No, I'm not a Star Wars geek. My boyfriend is. I just wanted to start this new series on a light note. Tattoos are the most hard core decoration of the body, or at least the most enduring. Seriously, they are more permanent than marriage - but you knew that.

I personally love tattoos and body modifications ... a lot. Anyone who takes the time to get their hair bleached and then dyed light blue has a special place in my heart. The only problem is the older society and offices that look down on what they call freaks. I love Kerbey Lane for encouraging tattoos. There needs to be more of that, especially in Austin. Anahata Katkin thinks so too.

We'll see how other societies tolerate or even encourage tattoos in this series. The only place we won't be going is Tatooine, unfortunately.


Theresa Bayer said...

I love tattoos, high maintenance coiffures and creative outfits, but on other people. They are such fun to paint and draw. Meanwhile I'm skulking around in this old hoody and I need a haircut... :^D

Waverly said...

Sadly, I'm not model material today. I'm getting my contacts sometime soon and I need to do something with my hair. Soon I'll be full of pretty tricks though!