Friday, January 1, 2010


Bjork - Triumph Of The Heart

Sungjae | MySpace Video

2010 got off to a nice start. The kindness of strangers. Please don't take it for granted. We could be Dallas easily, but we're not yet. Austin's charm still lingers - we talk to strangers. Thank God. Could be my wide-eyed optimism, but knowing your neighbors holds a certain beauty. You are not alone in your little apartment complex. Yes, yes, there are those who will make your life a living hell, but don't use them as an excuse to not knock on your new neighbor's door. They could be nice. Perhaps.

I have no images that relate to this topic. Sorry Mr. Rogers is banned from my site, but I do have a video of all the wonderful drunkeness and incoherence of a 5am New Year's blog post. Enjoy and remember to knock loudly wouldja?


Laura Grimes said...

Thank God we're not Dallas!

Waverly said...

I LOVE Austin. I want it to stay niiice and friendly.