Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Moko of New Zealand

I decided to start with where my Daddy's from: New Zealand. I've been lucky enough to visit relatives there and it really is a hobbit's paradise! Just kidding Aunties, you're not that short. Every visit I want to get my face done. Not makeup. Done. Little did I know that Moko is not temporary.

As a white girl with a lineage that came originally from Scotland, I would have Kirituhi. I find the skin art of the Maoris beautiful; however, since I am not related I would have this version of the facial tattoo done. The descendants of Maoris have facial tattoos known as Ta Moko. It is their identity and I do not wish to steal it. Kirituhi "deliberately does not make any reference to Maori symbolism" (Ta Moko Maori Tattoo).

Here are some images of Ta Moko. I wish my family were that colorful. My Dad took back the photograph of him wearing thick eye makeup. Sigh ...

Randall Hyman

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