Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Voice

We interrupt this program for an emergency broadcast.

The Vice President asked our nation whether we could voice our opinions about health care via videos. I cannot. My voice wanders off, it's whispy, and it is simply me: Waverly. My voice is powerful in the written word, not the spoken.

Health care is crucial to every person in the USA. It's on some minds more than others. Those who can afford it generally take it for granted. I am lucky that I have it. Yes I am lucky that I have it, but I keep a second job that I would not otherwise. Mr. Vice President, I am being honest for you, please do all that you can to remedy the legislation for me.

But I think it failing our nation as a whole when we take a job simply because it has health insurance. When one does not pursue their calling to its fullest degree, we lose our part of our potential. My second job is everything I want and aspire to. I love modeling and want to do it for the rest of my life. It would be nice to have weekends, but just knowing that I have one job would ease my situation. It would give me better power to create this guild...to contribute to society. That's what the public option means to me.

Please visit the White House's website to filter the truth for yourself. It helped me with my research.

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