Wednesday, August 26, 2009

girls, girls, girls

Oh Mother! Where are we now? San Francisco, honey.

Madonna's song 'What It Feels Like for a Girl' barely touches on what it is to be a girl. It describes a girl who is barely there. A girl who, for lack of better words, behaves and abides by the status quo. A status quo that Madonna herself would never adhere to, because she is strong. I bring this up, cuz we're in the city of men wanting to be women and vice versa. For now I am going to focus on MTF because I know what it is to be a woman, and revel in it.

I love putting on makeup and sewing beautiful clothes for myself. My apartment is a temple to Gianni Versace although my closet has a ways to go before it has his style. Really, I was trying to avoid that play on words. I realize that I'm just one girl, and that's it. This does not apply to all females around the globe. Good feminists will acknowledge that, bad ones will talk about their life and apply that structure to women who don't have safe drinking water let alone a college degree.

But what I really wonder is...why do humans look down on men who are effeminate? The intro to 'What It Feels Like' is a sample from Ian McEwan's Cement Garden. Julie, or rather Ian, is the first person to so concisely put the whole genre of homophobia into clarity. We, women, are the second sex at least in a man's point of view. Excuse me, most men secretly think this. Anyone who acts like a woman is instantly degraded. Do you disagree?

Why else would cocksucker (what I as a woman do all the time) be an insult? The third sex, I wish it weren't this way, but we are talking about popular culture and my opinion is small compared to it. The third sex, transgender or transexuals is lower than women. When I was looking for pictures of Christina Aguilera's 'Beautiful,' I found drag queen tagged to her photo. We all know that is an insult. One that her video, 'Beautiful,' challenges.

"We are beautiful no matter what they say...words won't bring us down."

Be yourself no matter what that entails. Damn that's easy to write, but so hard to put into practice. Just know that there are places you can be yourself. The world is huge and there are safe havens in different cities. Thank you San Francisco, and thank you Harvey Milk.

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