Thursday, September 10, 2009

What matters.

I call him Beautiful, cuz he is inside and out. He says the same for the same reasons. It's wonderful, to wake up in the morning eyes half-open and hear, "You're so beautiful, darlin." Makes me feel wonderful...knowing my face could get hit by a tractor and he'd still say, "Mornin' beautiful!" Brings me to tears knowing I got a love like that.

So beauty, elusive beauty. Women hurt their feet with painfully high heels, extend their necks with brass rings, corsets have come back into fashion, and just little things like plucking our eye brows and shaving. Why? A guy would get beaten up if he shaved his legs and armpits, and that's half of what we do, sometimes. We feel confident when we're beautiful. I at least feel better knowing I have makeup on even when I realize there is a minute difference.

I think Cindy Crawford had the best motto: put on makeup for five minutes and get on with your life! She likened makeup to clothes [that only women wear], to go without makeup is to go naked. Clothes bring confidence. I am an oddity with my viewpoint on that, but it's true with most people. I believe this elusive, physical beauty is important to our self-confidence, but worry about it for only 10 minutes in the morning. No more. There is shitloads to be done in the world...and there's a guy out there who loves you and could care less.


Katie said...

Just found your blog -- enjoyed this post. Guys should love you even when you don't have on fancy clothes or make up ... but he should grapple at your feet and appreciate it when you do :)

Waverly said...

Right on. Glad you enjoyed the post. Take care, Katie.