Monday, June 8, 2009

There is a lot of failure in the road to success.

That is a paraphrase of Eve Larson, an Austin portrait artist and teacher.  It amazes me that for years (I think she gave it up after five.) she did a contour drawing of her own hand every morning.  Such attention to detail morning after morning led to her adept skill in drawing hands.  If everyone had her level of determination!  

Eve has focus.  She's been learning and teaching art for I think twenty years now.  For me I am constantly straddling art modeling and sewing.  As of March I decided to dedicate this period of my life to art modeling and all that goes with it: yoga, the guild, et cetera.  I've been practicing yoga, or keeping my new year's resolution.  However, my level of practice is far below Eve's daily routine.  Perhaps my morning yoga will be more of a habit in time.

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