Thursday, June 11, 2009

Nowruz Resolution

It's always fun to listen to the beach on yoga videos.  Pretend that you're somewhere exotic practicing the age-old tradition of yoga.  Sand going in between your toes while you stretch into a downward dog.  Nope!  My routine entails a VCR and a nifty, old TV.  You lose a bit of the exotic charm but gain a bit of practicality.  I'm doing this routine a few times each week.

Long time ago my boyfriend at the time and I dropped in on a garage sale and I bought all these VHS tapes. They sat collecting dust for a good couple of months before I decided to use them.  Now they're becoming a habit.  My only worry is that I'm doing the positions terribly wrong, so I'm going to sit in a yoga class and see if the instructor can correct me if he/she sees fit.

Other than that, I'm keeping up with my Nowruz resolution, and that makes me really happy.  Take care.

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