Saturday, June 6, 2009

"Where would Rembrandt be without his models?"

Today I went to my nephew's first birthday party.  It was lovely to see the young lad, happy and gurgling.  He didn't fuss whatsoever, and apparently he didn't have a nap.  Props to the birthday boy! 

I saw a lot of my family on my sister's side.  I met her grandmother, Ginny, and her husband "Doc."  My mom was there along with my step-father so this was a family event.  After talking with my own grandmother I realized how embarrassed my family can become with me openly talking about my profession.  I know to some of you it's a "No, duh?" kind of statement...but we all have to be shameful about our bodies? I'm not asking everyone to run around naked, but at least have a bit of respect when someone is nude.  The only reason that I do model is because I get that respect in the art world.  But as far as the outside world, when someone is naked it's bad.  Naughty.  Licentious.  Sexuality and sensuality are certainly conjured up when someone is naked...but do we have to look down on them? I respect strippers and know that not all of them are stupid or strung out.  Some own property or used the job financially to start their own business. 

So I'm an art model.  Apparently the classiest nude profession there is.  I kept my words checked and told everyone who asked that I was a model and I worked at a fabric shop.  All true to an extent.  I made sure to say 'model' so my parents wouldn't be embarrassed.  All nudity was in the wraps.  Then Ginny told me how proud she was that I was organizing models.  I had to tell her the uncensored truth.  She told me I sounded like I was apologizing for my profession.  I was.  It was so sweet when she looked up at my step-father and remarked, "Where would Rembrandt be without his models?"  It was nice.  My step-father didn't have a coherent retort.  Thank you, Ginny.  You just made my week.  I wish there were more of you out there in that generation.  I'm glad I make you proud.


artmodel said...

Good for Ginny! That was awesome of her to say. I loved reading that. You surely must have felt a satisfying jolt of pride and confidence when she said that. Who can argue when a great master like Rembrandt's name comes up?

Oh how I relate to your situation, Waverly, and was knowingly nodding my head as I read this post. Art modeling is such a painfully misunderstood profession. Unfortunately this kind of thing, whether with family members or strangers, will never go away. There will always be people who fixate on the nudity and ONLY the nudity, and remove it from its larger context of art, inspiration, and creativity, not to mention the hard work!

Thanks for this excellent post.

Love and solidarity from a proud, fellow art model.


Waverly said...

Thanks, Claudia.

I can't be accepted by everyone, but the few make it worthwhile. Ginny's awesome that's for sure. Thanks for your support.

Mariette said...

Dear Waverly,

Have to say that I admire your courage for doing this in order to contribute to some great artwork.
Those that oppose should be equally critical in every-day-life. Look around and see how people sometimes dress inappropriately, exposing skin in such an unflattering manner that it certainly is NOT art... But no comments.
Rembrandt is from my birth country and indeed: where would he have been without his models?
Glad you joined Lookville, at least one more person with a keen eye for true beauty, class and style. Did vote already on one of your comments, very well phrased and I also follow you.
Good luck and keep your head up proudly! The following quote says it all:
My suggestion is to walk away from the 90% who don't, and join the 10% who do.~Jim Rohn
You certainly belong to my 10% who write, using decent wording with class, thus revealing more class and character than the average person.


Greetings from Georgia/USA