Sunday, April 5, 2009

Eve Larson

A few weeks ago I modeled for Eve Larson and Theresa Bayer in Eve's home. It was lovely. We used the morning sun as I posed. I've been a model for eight years, but I've never felt as comfortable as I do modeling for Eve.

Last Friday I modeled as well at AVAA in a portrait session. It was so sweet. I came in with a whole bunch of outfits and they said, "You look so cute in what you are wearing!" "You're a paper doll!" So that's how I feel whenever I model for Eve, like I'm part of an artist family that plays dress up with me.

Eve switched careers mid-life, and that gives me the courage that I can too. Originally she worked at Ballet Austin in an administration position. Thankfully though, she studied to become an artist, sharing a studio with Phillip Wade, and now she is a successful portrait artist and teacher at Laguna Gloria. It's what I hope for after my studies.

Check out her website, which has many beautiful paintings, or take her class at Laguna Gloria. She's a great teacher and there are peacocks galore!

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