Monday, March 30, 2009

Hasta of the Week: Hamsasya

I haven't spoken of this to many, just my boyfriend and my father.  Thought this might be a way to make it be known without intense emotion.  Once my lease is up I am moving in with my father in Dallas and going to art school.

So tonight I'm practicing.  I'll be at one of the open studio sessions and drawing.  Hopefully the lessons I've overheard these past eight years will sink in.  NO OUTLINES!  A contour drawing may only be done after a diagram drawing. :smile:  I am grateful for all the teachers and artists that I have gotten to know.  I will miss you.  Hopefully I will be back in four years.

This hasta is Hamsasya.  It connotes teaching, determination as well as painting.  Perfect for today except that I will stick to the basics before I paint.

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