Monday, December 15, 2008


I know it's an old song, but I have 'Fever' sung by Madonna stuck in my head. I'm sick as a dog and am impressed that I can even sit down and write this. Hopefully, y'all won't get any viruses. :laugh:

I love how she can transform herself so easily. Almost every video and certainly every show she performs is a production. Themes and costumes galore. At the Windberg Art Center up in Georgetown, TX I model with costumes weekly. Thankfully, I have all winter break to make/buy some new ones. Usually, I go to thriftstores like St. Vincent de Paul on South Congress and sometimes I splurge at Marigold and Parts and Labour to get something new. One week I bought a feather clip at P & L for a flapper outfit. Anyway, I'm definitely not doing anything today. Works done. Take care.

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