Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I love modeling this pose. It conveys so much expression. I've always been enchanted with winter, whether it is portrayed by a muse or not. I was sincerely hoping that Austin would get a...half an inch maybe, but I should realize I'm in Texas.

Actually, I'm in Arizona on winter break. Just arrived this afternoon. Universities are out and I will return to work in the fabric store when I get back in town. It's kinda sad, though. I hear the light from the North is especially beautiful in the winter, and I already miss modeling.

For those fortunate to find work in the holiday season, make sure your host has a space heater. If not raise bloody hell to make the room warmer, or politely remind him/her that their utility bill will be lower if they just heat you instead of all the artists. Your choice. Here's a tip from Ideal Bite, a wonderful environmental resource.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the cold as much as I do. It's perfect for sewing and reading a good book...or blog. Cheers.

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