Wednesday, April 21, 2010

spring habit.010

It's Earth Day now.  I'm just up late thinking.  I rode the bus today for two hours.  Did I affect change?  Does it matter?  All the plastic I recycle at home, companies throw away without thinking.  To be quite honest I throw away so much at work as well.

Why do others not care?  That's not it.  As the status quo of my work area is now, we don't have the system in place.  I hardly have time to finish all the routine tasks let alone sort the plastic from aluminum...and that's basic recycling.  Systems are beautiful.  I know it seems odd, but think of ecosystems and the intricate systems of biology.  That said, we need more systems in place for the environment to make recycling easy and convenient, not a luxury for those who have time.

Tell me there is someone out there who cares, too. Enjoy your Earth Day 2010!


Cygnus said...

Because of you, I've got four or five types of recycling going on top of the dryer. It was a pain at first, but every time I try to throw away a little bit of plastic, I imagine where it'll end up, and I take the extra step of rinsing it off and putting it in the recycling bin instead. It only takes a few moments, and it's one more piece of human convenience that won't end up in the ocean. Since I started, I've been amazed at how much doesn't have to be throw away.

I've started applying this outlook to the rest of my life, and I've become more tidy as a result. Why leave my cup or empty bowl of cereal around for a day when I can rinse it and be done with it? Why leave a sock on the floor if it's just a few moments more to put it up? There's no reason, and it keeps my home environment - and the larger one outside - healthier.

Waverly said...

Aubrey, that just made my month! You're amazing! I miss you so much!