Thursday, April 29, 2010

Japanese Moon Viewing Parties

I don't know exactly what to think.  I'm teaching my friend to become an art model.  No, I'm not trying to convert anyone - just help.  Someone needs some spare cash and wants to feel better in her body I'm all for it!  In fact, art modeling was the important factor for my own self-image.  You see yourself in circus mirrors when you look at different renderings.  Or as a kind, wise man once said: reflections in a pond.  Only you can gaze at the moon.  You don't need the reflections.  Take them for what they are and you will know peace.  It's a full moon tonight.  If you're still up you should take a's pretty.

photo via Andrew Calder


Laura Grimes said...

I had never thought about the circus mirror, but it makes so much sense. Seeing yourself thru the eyes of others.

Waverly said...

Circus mirrors are a harsh representation, and I can see why any artist with a gift of seeing can be offended. Different eyes have different lenses. There was a philosopher Spinoza who made a living polishing lenses, which he also metaphorically did in his philosophy. Realizing that different representations exist helped me realize that my own is true in its way, thus I have a healthy self-image. Only I can see the moon, and the same goes for everyone else. We can't rely entirely on others' reflections to make our life.