Monday, February 8, 2010

The Model Schedule

A good planner can be the best asset a model owns. With a schedule that fluctuates like Austin's weather, having a calendar or planner pays for itself with one days work. Needless to say, having one helps with one's reputation as a model. Planners keep a model from forgetting any gig.

What I wanted to talk about was something a bit larger in scope. Art models in my experience are part-time. When I was working full-time as a model I didn't realize how bad financially I was doing. All bills were paid, and I don't want to get into details, but I was scraping by. I'd love to work the job I am now, model a little, and in my spare time work on the guild. The guild would provide so many dreams come true, perhaps not in my lifetime but eventually.

My question is this: Does anyone else want to art model full-time if it were possible financially and had health care benefits? Would you volunteer your time to make it happen? Feel free to email me or comment.

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