Thursday, February 18, 2010

Brave New World

One should use the phrase "brave new world" with caution. I've only heard it from antagonist characters now that I think about it. So the season of Heroes ended. The last episode, "Brave New World," had Claire (the cheerleader) reveal to the world her ability. Gabriel remarks, "It's a brave new world," that humans and people with powers can live together out in the open.

What if I told customers what I did in my free time? I don't want to think of the consequences to the business. Really, it's like telling everyone that your summer job is stripping. Claire knows there is going to be trouble, but really people should deal with it and live in truth together. Isn't that what Jesus wanted? Sorry to pull God into it... rather... wouldn't you like to really know your Grandmother before she dies? I would. It would mean visiting her every week to learn all her secrets, loads of patience, buying her groceries, and diligence...but wouldn't it be worth it?

I dream of a day where art models don't have to get a second job to make ends meet. I dream of a somewhat New York blase look to the words, "I'm an art model," or even the day when I say it without a hint of shame. I am thankful that my co-workers are kind and treat me with dignity while knowing that I model. I am thankful that my family has learned to live with it, but I also want art models to be an intricate part of society. Needed. I need artists in my life and they need me, perhaps that is enough.

PS I'm so glad Gabriel/Sylar is becoming kinder. That was a wish of mine this year.

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