Thursday, January 21, 2010

There will be no change for now.

I like snakes. Why? I could tell you a long story about pre-historic religions and the etymology of the word gerontology ... but we'll leave it at they're ever-changing.

Sometimes I'm indecisive. Really indecisive. It's amazing that I have a tattoo and still like it. So there's this job and it's nice, and then there's this other job that doesn't pay well but makes me smile thinking about it. I chose the latter ... for the rest of my life. Would you like another tattoo with that, miss?

I change clothes like a girl or a snake. I'd love to get a snake tattoo, but I chose that I would change my skin like a snake. Models and snake tattoos don't mix - unless you've established your career already. So I change my clothes a lot as a model, and I love it. I finished a kimono in two days and it's beautiful. I'm up for a lifetime of making beautiful clothes and all that goes with being a model.

Image via Jon Todd


Andrew said...

If you like snakes, you might like this artist.

Waverly said...

The artist and I hold the same ideas in common. Thanks!