Monday, June 1, 2009

Together All Can Be Attained

"There never is a shortage of suffering."  Really there isn't.  This quote is from Victoria Moran's book where she discusses volunteering and developing compassion, however, and the limit to all of it.  There is a limit to each of us.  I can't watch the news; I have to read or listen to it.  The last thing I want to be is apathetic and desensitized.

This photo was serenity in relation to the other images taken from South Africa last year in May.  Apparently, the native, black South Africans "armed with clubs, machetes and torches," attacked immigrants from neighboring countries.

The point is: get out of your house and help.  Volunteer somewhere.  Really, it's kinda like religion but a little more tactile.  I'm drained from working on the guild stuff, but it felt so good this morning to help some other organization out.  If we only think of ourselves or our own little problems, we swallow ourselves up and forget there's a world out there.  There is truly a whole world of problems, yet focusing on a part of it brings me joy, not despair.  Help out where you can, but at the very least be conscious of everything you do and how it affects others.

These hands are not fighting.  They're enjoying the common good . . . together.

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