Thursday, May 28, 2009

Palomas at my Window

I love looking out my balcony.  There's a tree and usually you can watch birds sitting in it. Quite beautiful, actually.  I don't know my birds that well so this may all be a lie.  I was looking out and I saw a beautiful turtle dove just walking back and forth on my ledge with a twig in its beak.

Most wouldn't think anything of it, but I take it as an omen.  She's building a nest; I'm building a foundation of what hopefully will be a strong organization.  Anyway, it was beautiful and I'm glad something gave me hope this morning.

I don't know how far these words travel, but I hope Paloma Art Models Guild inspires you to make a union/guild of your own.  I'm very proud that we are second in a google search for 'art model guilds,' but truly we don't have too much competition.  There are two other guilds that I know of for art models: Bay Area Models Guild and DC Area Figure Models Guild.  Two.  There are fifty states that compose the grand United States with countless art models and art schools.  But even if one models guild is inspired by this post I would be delighted.  Let me know if there are other guilds that google searches do not represent, and happily prove me wrong.  Good luck to you.

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