Monday, June 15, 2009

hool_ found on

hool_ is an artist.  in control. s/he decides what they want to show the world.

model = powerless. you are exactly what they want you to be.

me. i respect photo models, but i do not want to be one. i am decent at it, and it makes good money, but i'd rather be in control.  besides, there are too many models in the world and i wouldn't add much.

there is so much more to give the world than my pretty face. so i'm going to develop different skills instead of worrying about my pores. if i began on this path, i'd want to be covered. i'd cower and want to hide.  not exactly a good model.  i know how to be professional and hide this feeling, but it'd be way too much effort.

this doesn't mean i'm dropping art modeling.  in fact, i'm going to practice to be a better art model.  i feel safe. i'll never be famous and in tabloids that focus on how fat i am.  and that is my wish: to be beautiful and safe in the art world.

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