Monday, May 4, 2009


Beauty is part of my trade.  It's strange though.  Art and fashion definitely are the more frivolous of trades, but necessary.  For me, seeing a beautiful mural makes me want to stay in Austin.  That affects realty, a proper trade, which in turn helps the community financially.

I've always hated people ranking careers.  In my perspective, it is usually done by income and education.  People need to work to create a community, not to outrank each other.  In other words I value the plumber as much as the lawyer; the prostitute and the English teacher. Each serve their purpose in the world.

I'm happy as an art model.  I just want to make it a career with health insurance.  As a community we can do this.  Hopefully, you will join me.


artmodel said...


I have the utmost respect for what you're trying to do. It's admirable. I regret that I am only able to "join" you in spirit. Believe me if I were in Austin, I'd be supporting you in every way I could.

Don't give up. Best of luck!


Waverly said...

That was the sweetest thing ever! Thank you, Claudia.

Interest is growing. We're having a meet and greet next week for the first time. Thanks for the luck. It'll be put to good use.