Thursday, May 21, 2009

Touch Me I'm Real

God, that sounds like a stupid song lyric. But am I? Most of you haven't even seen me. Are these words real? I believe thoughts are real, words, a lot of other things, and art. What impacts me are ideas, other cultures, and fabric. My life needs to be filled with the tangible for some reason. I can't stand sitting at the computer for too long. For me, fabric is the beauty in the mundane.

This isn't about me...or at least it's trying not to be. I'm watching "What Dreams May Come," with Robin Williams and Cuba Gooding, Jr. Got up and sat at the computer just after Cuba said, "Thought is real. Physical is the illusion." The connection that Chris and his wife Annie (Annabella Sciorra) have is so deep that they communicate even through death. She paints, and he can see her emotions. I've heard that this is the most sacred of loves in the Vedic Tradition, to love without needing their presence. Just the thought of them is enough.

As far as I know the world is an illusion in the Vedic Tradition. If I am wrong, please correct me. But it's beautiful ain't it?! The world is filled with so much joy to experience. For me, I need color. Lots of it. I am so happy to see others sit down and create. They put out their ideas and attempt to make them part of this collective world. Therefore, my two jobs are perfect for me. I'm surrounded in creativity both of art and fabric. And oddly enough, I enjoy shelving fabric...touching beauty.

Perhaps reading a philosophy book is better than reading my rant. Perhaps sipping warm coffee is better too, whichever you like, they are both real.


Theresa Bayer said...

The more beautiful your thoughts are, the more beautiful you will find the world to be. :^)

Waverly said...

I know, isn't it wonderful? Thanks for your post.

Take care.