Tuesday, May 19, 2009

That Naked Girl

When I first started modeling for art classes I had this feeling slightly. That I was that naked chick and everyone's seen me naked. Really, it lasted a day. I've always revered women who are content with their bodies. The whole world could see them nude and they still have their dignity intact.

I am respected as an art model, without that I wouldn't do it. The artists treat me the same whether I have clothes on or not. Of course there is the understandable timidity but most treat me professionally and talk to me. I love artists. They make my world go 'round. Without them I would feel like a pinup for fat frat boys.

So, yes, I am meeting up with an art class tonight. Sounds weird? Who cares.


lovya914 said...

Ideally we'd all be as comfortable in our own skin. :-) I lived in a huge house of girls in New Orleans and, somehow, no one was ashamed of their bodies. No sorority was there to tell us what parts were "gross" etc. When I described us all running around in underwear trading clothes and no one really giving a flip walking back from the shower, my mother and others responded with a certain disgust. Her view was based on some hedonistic version of the scene, a lesbo experiment with boyfriend voyeurs. In reality it was just...comfortable. There was no sexuality involved at all, and somehow I feel lucky for having experienced that environment where every girl was beautiful all the time.

Waverly said...

Thank you, Lovya. It's nice just to feel comfortable, no worries, no one caring what size you are. And that's what I get at art modeling sessions. Simplicity.

No double standards, no original sin, no guilt, just appreciation or apathy. It's nice.

You take care. Thanks for your post.

Theresa Bayer said...

What would artists do without models? A figure painting isn't just the work of the artist. The model's creativity is a huge factor. Thank you all so much for co-creating with artists!

Waverly said...

Thank you, Theresa. Your appreciation means a lot to me.