Thursday, November 19, 2009

Shelly Long

What brought up the whole mysterious bit was that I met a fellow model for the first time, and both of us knew each other's name but had never seen a face. Shelly Long of Austin, Texas. Eve talks about her wonderful outfits. I've seen her upcycled art at GAGA, but never the artist. So we art models are a strange bit. Misty tells me otherwise and I feel bad that I can't get my butt to Kelli's parties, but it's mostly true. Models rarely meet; we don't have overlapping shifts.

Without further ado, Shelly Long:

Sadly GAGA (Greater Austin Garbage Arts) is floating without its home right now, but hopefully soon it will grow its roots again in Austin. I found Shelly on the E.A.S.T. 2009, in Dog House Studios. Her studio is number 23a on the map. And remember E.A.S.T. is this weekend as well. More time to get to know your local artists!


Laura Grimes said...

No home for GAGA! It cannot be!

Waverly said...

Sadly, yes. But I heard that they are working on a business plan that will make them better than before! They might collaborate with an established business...other than that I do not know.