Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Searching for Love

What do you look for in a man, in a woman? Nothing. Everything. Yourself.

I love love stories, but pity the woman who relates to romantic comedies. The films I adore have poetry and pain, and do not always have a happy ending. A few weeks ago I modeled for Bill Lundberg's class. It was odd...but I liked it. I really liked the second pose I did: he had a projector beam an image on my back. For some reason that's romantic to me, because it reminds me of the film The Pillow Book.

Creativity and wonder and love...aren't those the things we wish for? Nagiko of The Pillow Book vows at the age of six to write a pillow book of all the things that make the heart beat faster. It's a beautiful movie that involves her writing books on a Chinese typewriter, something I still long for, as well as calligraphy on beautiful bodies.

Anyway, she falls in love with an English translator and there's a scene where they use a projector when writing calligraphy on each other...I should let you see the movie before I explain more.

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