Monday, August 10, 2009

To question...

My daddy's a scientist. When I was young he told me, "to question everything!" Everything. We'd go to museums and national parks during the summer, and how I dreaded the long pondering of why x was that way. When you are little an hour seemed like a lifetime, and so did his lectures. Perhaps lectures is the proper term, but rather they were him thinking aloud. Now his lectures are interesting for me since I can debate with my father, but then...sheesh!

I question culture: systems and structures of society. I can't travel at present moment, so I read about different peoples of the world. It's fascinating to me. The reason why I am so curious is because another society can function on a totally alien social system and work. It gives me the understanding that x doesn't have to be in our culture. In other words, "that's just the way it is," holds no bearing for me.

Thank you father. I'll give you a ring later. All this is leading up to is I will look at different beauties around the world, question and understand them. Take care til then.

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