Saturday, July 11, 2009

Try again.

The other morning was hell. I didn't wake up to two alarms. I was late and greasy hair topped it all off. I hate being late, but really, it happens. So I give myself an allowance: 2 late days per year. I've already used them up, but the point is to try. Once you are aware of what's wrong you are better able to fix it. On nights that I don't get my ungodly amount of sleep, I have my friend call me in the morning, just in case those two alarms don't work.

There are other things that just being aware of can make you a better model.

  • Put your cell phone on silent before the class starts.
  • Give yourself enough time for traffic.
  • Have at least two business cards handy.
  • Always have your planner with you at gigs.
  • Have at least two robes.
Another thing that almost made that day even more hellish was that I left my robe at the artist's home the day before. If I didn't have a second it would have made the late, greasy haired model even more awkward. But as long as you try to be better it's worth it and you'll be forgiven. Try again.

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