Wednesday, November 26, 2008

places to model in Austin

When I first moved here I thought UT was the only place to art model. Wrong. Try Laguna Gloria and AVAA (Austin Visual Arts Association), Austin Community College, but weigh your options.

With colleges I've just gone to the art department's main office and asked if they needed any models. I've gotten most university gigs that way. Austin Community College pay schedule is erratic, however, there are many campuses with many art instructors. My favorite place to model is University of Texas based on many things. You become a quasi-employee there, so they pay you on a schedule that the Art Department will explain. Because you are staff (add quasi) you will receive a UT ID that lets you on buses for free. I looove that perk. Their sessions run four hours long, so the pay is better; however, I've heard they don't hire unexperienced models. This may be a rumor.

The other locations usually pay you on the spot after the session in cash. If you are modeling for an indivual artist expect a check for that session. As far as Night Moves and Dr. Sketchy's, please try them out and tell me about them. I haven't gotten to them yet. Have fun and good luck!

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